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We are closing in on the end of 2016/9 the year of change. The 9 is completion,...

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We are closing in on the end of 2016/9 the year of change. The 9 is completion, ending of things, and clearing out old karma to make way for the new year 2017/1. In the 9 year we are likely to scrutinize old values, ideals, and the ideas that we thought were important. Interesting how the election went?! Good news is 2017/1 is new beginnings and starting over.
What is your personal year? Add your birth month and day together and reduce to one digit. Example: If your birthday is November 14th it would be 1+1+1+4 =7. Then add this to the year 2016/9 for this year = 9+7=16 reduce again 1+6 =7. This year is a personal year of 7 so in 2017 it will be a personal year of 8. This will be significant for each person individually. So look at your personal year and see what is in store for you and the new year! A few short examples:
1. New 9 year cycle. Clarify your goals and ACT on them!
2. Relationships of every kind. Business partnerships, love, marriage. etc.
3. Social and fun! Think before acting. Enjoy yourself but keep focused.
4. Hard work and progress. Take care of you and focus on health.
5. Freedom, Fun and major change.
6. Family and Responsibility. Take care of the ones you love.
7. Reflection and analysis. Who are you? What do you believe?
8. Finances and Success. Business growth and opportunities.
9. Ending and clearing. What doesn't work in your life? Release it.
  • January 6 2017 at 12:31 pm