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Happy New Year!

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Hello 2013, aka "6"....year of the "Lovers". This year you will be highlighting our partnerships and relationships. There will be a lot of changes in the minds of people who are already in partnerships and/or relationships. This strong Venus energy that is being brought in this year is asking us whether we are living our true authentic selves and our hearts desire, or if we are simply settling because of what we have been told is the right thing to do. Are we "all in", mind, body and soul? Is our relationship and/or partnership an equal exchange or are we choosing to give up one or more of our hearts desires in exchange for security and/or for the sake of old thought patterns taught by society, meaning the "definition" of what we believe a partnership or relationship is suppose to be or look like? These old thought patterns are being challenged by this Venus, feminine energy that has come with the planetary changes brought about with the New Year. With this new energy bringing these questions to the forefront of our minds, I believe we will be seeing lots of new relationships forming based on hearts desires and equal exchange and just as many leaving relationships that no longer serve as equal exchange, and this is not a bad thing, this is simply a balancing of energy and an opening of the doors for new opportunities to live our authentic selves, how can that be a bad thing, right? There will also be people who are going to come together and bring forth their hearts desires within the relationships and/or partnerships that already exist, and they will choose to be "all in", mind, body and soul. These relationships and/or partnerships will be renewed and balanced for equal exchange and will bring loads of happiness.

It is time to say okay to the imaginative, creative, compassionate, and hearts desire passionate right sides of our brains. This is the age of Aquarius and it is the time to bring back the "balanced" mind. The logical, analytical left brain thinking, although is very important, has been the one we have been taught is the primary thought process to use in order to be successful. We were taught that the right brain thinking, as in imagination, creativity and compassion are weaknesses and have been steered away from this part of our thought process for much too long. Let us exercise our compassionate, creative, artful side of our brain for a while and bring balance to our selves and all beings. Let us all be open to the changes and cycles of life that the earth and stars are offering to us right now. The energy is so strong...can you feel it? So many of us are feeling the pull to the awakening of the magic we all possess and are making changes right here and now on this first day of 2013.

  • January 1 2013 at 11:18 am