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Well guys, somebody has got to get the blogging going, so here goes....

I am here looking for like minded friends, girls, guys, or whatever, and this site has all the bells and whistles to do so, I just have to get into it and figure it all out. There are some helpful instructions in the site tour so I am sure I will figure it out just fine. I know these sites are mostly for love matches, but I want to do something different here. There aren't a hundred questions to answer or sift through and I like that because someone may not match every criteria and be an awesome soul match, friend or love. It is kinda like the "Voice", no preconceived notions or judgements. Of course we will need to be responsible for making smart choices like any other social or dating site In the past I have been on some dating sites and talked to people who have joined sites like these, and my experience, and from what I have heard from others have pretty much said the same thing....the questions in no way guarantee your are safe from not so desirable people contacting you. I would like to be the one to ask the questions don't you?

Numerology is an awesome way to start. I believe all things in the Universe has a pattern, or formula, so we will see just how this system works when put to the test. I suppose friends looking for friends like I am should also look at the numbers as a guide to who is who and things like that. I believe we can all get along no matter what but it will be interesting to see the difference in friendships and personalities through this method. I believe that there is a shift that is happening right now, and according to numerology, 2013 is the year for love because it breaks down to a 6 and that is the LOVE number. I believe the shift will be a great opportunity to bring back the love to humanity, not just between soul mates. I believe there are soul groups that will also be connecting with each other, and before we know it we will have people around us that are truly connected on a soul level. I do not believe that 12/21/2012 is going to bring the apocalypse or devastation, I believe it is going to be just the opposite. The planets are aligning to offer energy of change, and the number say so too, so who is with me on the new great path of love and togetherness, loyalty, compassion, etc...? The Myans simply said that the world will go through a great change, things will look different than the way we know it, that is it. I can feel a great change coming, and I am excited! It is already happening, more and more people are becoming more conscious and are waking up. More are deciding to is our time, and we are lucky enough to be living in the time where we get to see it happen. Women are standing up and are ready to be heard, the Dahlia Lama said it best "the western woman will change the world". As a woman in this time, I truly believe we can bring back the balance of the yin and yang. This is the missing link. Women need to participate in ALL things, and this is in no way a man bashing blog....if you really think about it, it is true that the world has been way too far out of balance and this has been the problem. Come on women, it is not okay that there are starving children in this world, it is not okay that people are homeless and hungry in our own back is not okay...all women are Mothers, whether you are a Birth Mother, or an Earth Mother, your responsibilities are the same. This world needs you to stand up and offer your gifts, it is been way too long coming...this is our chance to put things back in balance....what say you?
  • November 7 2012 at 08:30 pm
Sean You sure there isnt a hint of man bashing somewhere in there? :)
November 7 2012 at 08:53 pm
Sean Just curious, does numerology also deal with or is it related to the golden number? (the golden ratio of 1.618 that is relevant in just about everything)
November 7 2012 at 08:58 pm
Moonchild Tell me more about this golden number Sean...
November 9 2012 at 06:40 am